I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


dinosaurs, vintage cars and cool planes…

2 weeks ago, I participated to the first sketchkon in pasadena organized by the online school sketchbook skool.
imagine 500 hundreds sketchers together during 4 days listening to talks and participating to workshops about hundreds way to fill a sketchbook: urban sketching, lettering, food sketch, live drawing, reportage…
it was super inspiring, a pure dose of creativity meeting lots of old and new friends.
here are some of the sketches I managed to do during the convention, between my "all you can see" workshop, my 2 talks "my life in sketchbooks" and "lost poblenou: a record of change" and my "big head portrait" demo. that was quite a busy week-end.
I would never thank you enough koosje, danny and all the sketchbook skool team for putting together such a nice community!
pasadena city hall
convention diner
veronica lawlor's talk
all saints church
mike lowery's talk
venice beach
danny gregory's talk
chevrolet caprice
donna big head portrait demo
austin kleon's talk
old pasadena
the sketchbook skool team
while in LA, I enjoyed meeting the local urban sketchers such as stef kardos, shiho, virginia or phoebe… we met in zhorian's ranch and downtown:
zorthian's ranch school bus
downtown LA
downtown LA
virginia hein
and why not passing by denver, to teach at the university, meeting paul heaston and sketching dinosaurs?
quite colder then LA over there, I enjoyed the day at the denver museum…
downtown denver
tivoli denver
denver museum of nature and science
denver museum of nature and science
denver museum of nature and science
paul & mike
to finaly had a few hours to kill at LAX airport.
thanks shiho for telling me about the proud bird restaurant. the perfect way to enjoy my last hours in the US.
bell X-1
mig 15


book launch "poblenou"

book launch "poblenou"!
exposición y presentación del libro "Poblenou. Atlas ilustrado de un barrio industrial" publicado por el Ajuntament de Barcelona en presencia del autor Lapin y de Jorge Carrión:
jueves 25 de octubre a partir de las 19:00.
Can Picó, calle de Pere IV, 58, metro Bogatell

The book I was working on during the last 3 years is finally ready!
I started documenting the gentrification affecting my Barcelona neighborhood, as old factories are replaced by hotels and office buildings.
The pages of my sketchbook have become a record of change, as the old is bulldozed in the name of progress. This is my testimony to keep in mind what made Poblenou special to me.

You are all invited for the book launch and exhibition on Thursday 25th of October at 19:00 in Can Picó, calle de Pere IV, 58 in Barcelona.

« Poblenou. atlas ilustrado de un barrio industrial »
hard cover, 92 pages, 210 x 160 mm, 15.00 €
published by "Ajuntament de Barcelona"



passing by luzern and zürich…
neu bad fleamarkt
landesmuseum, zürich
jugendstil, zürich


"au bonheur des mômes" festival

during the last week of august, I was invited by the festival "au bonheur des mômes" to teach the sketching class "les ptits croqueurs" during one week to a small group of kids. the result at the end of the week was unbelievable: mathilde, jonah and gabriel are skilled sketchers already!
congrats and keep sketching!!
p'tits croqueurs workshop during the festival "au bonheur des mômes"
p'tits croqueurs workshop during the festival "au bonheur des mômes"
p'tits croqueurs workshop during the festival "au bonheur des mômes"
the festival is hosted in a village in the french alps where my buddy pierre amoudry grew up. during the festival, pierre and his friends are opening a pop up café that was my general quarter. here some more sketches of the café and the festival…
le café des artistes
the band
la mama pasta
ptit niko
les frères topolino
les frères topolino


urban sketchers symposium in porto

at least, my sketches from the past urban sketchers symposium in porto last july.
I have no words to describe such a party with 800 hundreds sketchers and friends invading the city for a week. wow!
see you all nex year in amsterdam!!!
rua nova da alfandega
drink and draw
poças, wine degustation
richard briggs
livraria lello
big head portrait demo
porto wip
citroën 3CV
safari typo
workshop urban archaeology