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meeting veronica lawlor

veronica lawlor
veronica lawlor, illustrator and urban sketcher correspondent from new york was visiting barcelona this last week.
we sketched together on the most famous street of the city: passeig de gracia.
casa batllo - casa amadler
casa batllo
it was the oportunity for me to watch veronica creating her wonderful composition, mixing ink, pastel, colour pen…
we also spent a morning at the "circulo artistico de sant lluc", one of the oldest artistic place in town, where gaudi or miro were members.
here are veronica and her boyfriend neil sketching miguel, a kind of tribe king from the past…
sant lluc
during the cession, veronica did that sketch of daniel, cesar and me:
by ©veronica lawlor
I enjoyed her visit, and I'm glad to meet her again in 2 weeks at the portland urban sketching symposium. see you there!

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joshemari a dit…

Lapin, maravilloso encuentro con auténticos artistas de dibujo urbano. Conseguiste sacar unos apuntes fantásticos.