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6th international urban sketchers symposium in singapore

I'm so happy to lead a workshop next to the best sketchers wolrdwide during the next urban sketchers symposium in singapore from the 22nd to the 25th of july.
my workshop is titled "all you can see: 180º sketching" and will take place in purvis street in the historical center of singapore.
here are more details about it:
Workshop Schedule
Purvis Street is a colorful colonial street full of details and life that will be the perfect location to train the “all you can see” workshop.
The participants will learn some tricks to fit a whole place in a sketchbook into a 180º vision including architecture, people, action and soundtrack all together.
Our way to represent the space since « Renacimiento » is conditioned to a maximum 30º viewing angle, which is very limited compared to what we are experiencing while sitting in a place, turning the head, and looking up and down. That’s how Lapin started sketching some curvilinear perspective in a very intuitive way, exploring how to represent a scene as in a sphere or as in a cylinder. But Lapin is also used to fit the elements of a scene into the page, making some distortions, or adding the soundtracks of what he’s hearing while sketching, from the people that are talking to him, to the ringing bells from the church behind, or music of a car passing by…
The workshop will begin with a short demo by Lapin of curvilinear perspective in a landscape sketchbook.
For the first exercise, the participants will spend half an hour to sketch a quick schema of a 180º view, using some simple shapes to compose the panorama.
We’ll than focus on little details in the street to sketch 3 frames telling each a small story (10 minutes each). We will share the drawings and each participant will explain shortly the stories that cached his attention.
The participants will spend the last hour and a half to sketch an elaborate drawing mixing the 180º view and the stories, detailing the architecture, the cars, foreground and background, witnessing all we can see.
To finish the workshop, we will have a short critique of the drawings, and the participants will share about this experience.
Learning goals
We will explore how to represent a panoramic view in a narrow street, telling the particular mood of the place.
In stead of looking only at the architecture, the sketchers aim will be to represent a 180º view fitting the people, the street activity and listening to what is happening : capturing the moment.
Any supplies participants normally use are fine.
Lapin recommends a landscape sketchbook, ink pen, colored pencils, brush pen and watercolors.
Bring a portable stool if you like, to sit on while working.

For more information about the Symposium, including schedule and registration information, please visit Symposium site.

see you in singapore!

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