I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


lost poblenou

lost poblenou
I live in barcelona for 10 years now, after living the first months in the barceloneta district, I moved to poblenou to escape the crowd of tourists. I immediately felt at home in this old industrial area, a mix of factories, small modernist houses, graffiti, families on the rambla de poblenou and workers. it was a forgotten place in barcelona, far away from the touristic itinerary.
then, I saw the construction of 22@, a modern trade center, offices, universities and art foundations together. some chimneys and bricks buildings are cohabiting with skyscrapers. it’s fine to me, a normal expansion to bring modernity to barcelona, but the mood of the district was changing already.
so more and more creative people were moving here as poblenou became « trendy ».
meanwhile lots of huge hotels are built from scratch in the place of old façades in small streets that had the patina of past decades. and many more hotels are under construction…
this is a big trauma. I don’t recognize anymore some blocs, the rambla de poblenou is not familiar anymore, and the menu of the day in some trendy new restaurants is « paella and sangria » which get nothing to do with barcelona, but a cliché for the increasing number of tourists.
there are still plenty of great places in the neighborhood as poblenou is a vast district.
it will take a few more years to change the entire area, but on the way to the flea market this morning, I mind that some more houses, bars and workshops had disappear…
So I feel the urgency to archive in my sketchbooks this poblenou that disappears.
I know that the battle is not fair, I can only sketch to fight the gentrification, but I need it to keep in mind what made poblenou special to me.lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou
lost poblenou


space oddities

some of you were asking for ages when will I teach a workshop in my home town.
I will be running this urban sketching workshop in barcelona with isabel carmona and swasky on april. don't miss it.
workshop: space oddities


and the winners are…

louise picked up the names of the winners of the lapin-lottery.
congratulation to la world coolture, david frise and matt cram!
please, send me your address by email and which version you want: french, english or spanish.
and thanks to all the participants.
and I wish you all a merry christmas!
my book "barcelona original" is on sale online, visit my shop!


"barcelona original" lottery

to celebrate my last book "barcelona original", it's time for the traditional "lapin-lottery"!
louise will pick up 3 names from the comments of this post, to win a dedicate copy.
you have until thirsday midnight, barcelona hour, to get a chance to win your first christmas gift.
let's play!
"barcelona original" lottery
"barcelona original" lottery


paysages croqués, grenoble

last weekend, the department of isère invited 6 urban sketchers to lead a 2 days sketchcrawl in grenoble and its suburb titled "paysages croqués". maja, ben.bert, emdé, tazab, gérard michel and I sketched day and night in spite of the icy weather. here is my point of view (except the late sketches on tablecloth…).
la table ronde
dans le bus
simca 1000
l'isle d'abeau
rue du vieux temple
place notre dame
art déco
tous sur martine
ukulélé party


"barcelona original" book launching!

barcelona original book launching
see you tomorrow night for the presentation of my last book "barcelona original" at promopress editions bookshop, calle ausiàs marc 124, in barcelona, from 19:00 to 21:00.



there is one character that deserve to be sketched each year during the rendez-vous du carnet de voyage in clermont-ferrand, evariste, in charge of our coffee at the restaurant.
since 2012, I sketched him every year. I love his moustache!
XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage
back from clermont-ferrand
evariste 2016


rendez-vous du carnet de voyage 2016

after 2 years, I participated again to the "rendez-vous du carnet de voyage" festival in clermont-ferrand.
this 3 days were a huge dose of energy and I am thankful to all the visitors, the organizers and the artists who made this intense 3 days a blast.
I share with you some moments of the past week end.
here is my corner:
some sketches from clermont-ferrand:
new york clermont-ferrand
some dedications to the visitors and friends:
good time with others sketchers:
duel portrait
a free unicorne!?
free unicorne
the launching of a new collective book:
les accros du peignoir
a live sketch to explain my process in front of the public of the festival:
and the after party at tazab house:
triumph TR3 by night
lapinette making of

tr3 making of
triumph TR3 by day
tour de la bayette
in the stairs of the "tour de la bayette"
thanks again, and see you next year in clermont-ferrand for more great meetings and shared moments!!