I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"vor ort" in mainz, germany

I was invited by jenny adam and the landesmuseum of mainz, germany, to participate to the urban sketching workshop and exhibition "vor ort" featuring marina grechanik, johanna krimmel, inma serrano, sebastian koch, sebastian lörscher, felix scheinberger and myself.
during 10 days, I taught extreme perspective, sketched the city and learn from the other instructors. the stunning exhibition is running until the 2nd of september, don't miss it!
mainz kirschgarten
mainz dom

drink and draw
drink and draw
mainz synagogenplatz
mainz gautor
mainz st stephan
mainz altstadt
mainz holzturm
mainz südbrücke

thank you so much jenny for this great encounter!


"ouessant" on local tv

a reportage on local TV channel france3 bretagne about my book of ouessant.
starting at 4:02 minutes.


lost poblenou update!

before the launching of my book "poblenou. atlas ilustrado de un barrio industrial" in fall 2018, here is a selection of my last sketches of poblenou.
the district keep changing and I archive the industrial patrimony before it disappears…
desde la llacuna del poblenou
passatge de colomer
passatge d'ayma
carrer de zamora
carrer de zamora
garage saladrigas


workshop in germany

workshop in germany
Hallo Freunde!
"Vor Ort" is an exhibition and a workshop project organized and hosted by Landesmuseum Mainz and Jenny Adam in association with Urban Sketchers.
I´m happy to say that I’ll be there teaching with such a group of great sketchers and friends: Marina Grechanik, Sebastian Koch, Johanna Krimmel and Inma Serrano.

Join us here!

following is a short description of my workshop: “All you can see! 180º sketching”

Our way to represent the space since « Renacimiento » is conditioned to a maximum 30º viewing angle, which is very limited compared to what we are experiencing while sitting in a place, turning the head, and looking up and down. That’s how I started sketching some curvilinear perspective in a very intuitive way, exploring how to represent a scene as in a sphere or as in a cylinder.
But I’m also used to fit the elements of a scene into the page, making some distortions, or adding the soundtracks of what I’m hearing while sketching, from the people that are talking to me, to the ringing bells from the church behind, or music of a car passing by…
We will explore how to represent a panoramic view in a narrow street, telling the particular mood of the place. In spite of looking only at the architecture, the sketchers will aim to represent a 180º view fitting the people, the street activity and listening to what is happening.


on the radio!

une longue entrevue sur RCF radio à propos de mon activité de carnettiste, mes projets à ouessant ou barcelone, le mouvement urban sketchers ou mon regard sur l'environnement…


passing by ouessant

between the signatures and the promotion of the book, I escape for a few sketches…
pointe de pern
pointe de pern
atelier laine
alain, hélène & malik

and the winners are…

louise picked up the names of the winners of the lapin-lottery.
congratulation to bruno conigliano, goldfish bellarian and patrizia torres!
please, send me your address by email and I will send it asap.
thanks to all the participants and by the way, I remind you that the book is for sale on my online shop.
and the winners are…


"ouessant" lottery

to celebrate my last book "ouessant. un polop chez les maouts", it's time for the traditional "lapin-lottery"!
louise will pick up 3 names from the comments of this post, to win a dedicate copy. 
you have until sunday 15th of april at midnight, barcelona hour, to get a chance to win.
and the winners are: bruno conigliano, goldfish bellarian and patrizia torres!
"ouessant" preview


"ouessant. un polop chez les maouts"

I will sign my book of ouessant island next saturday in Ouessant, and the 11th of april in brest.
ouessant travel book signature
In march 2017, I was invited by the association « ENKI » to a one month artist residency in the Créac’h semaphore, next to the legendary Créac’h light house of Ouessant.
Ouessant is the furthest west island of Britany, a small dot in the Atlantic Ocean.
First I was welcomed by the storm Zeus with its 200 km/h winds, then by the locals: a bunch of sailors, pirates and heroes who invited me for a glass or two while I was portraying them.
After one month I captured more than 100 of them in my pages.
« Ouessant. un polop chez les maouts »
192 pages, 210x155mm, 19,95€
preface by Louis Cozan
published by Les îliennes.
you can already preorder it here!


"alibaba and the 40 thieves" video

my contribution to the serie "dibuixacontes" for the catalan tv channel betevé:



invited by emdé and "le département de l'isère".
temple d'auguste et de livie
la maison du pilori



3 days in grenoble invited by emdé and "le département de l'isère"…
la bobine
"le café des touristes"
"boucherie chevaline"
safari typo
"institut sup' styl"
le voyage de rézé
"le café des touristes"
"poste 3" sncf
renault 4L
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
calepin de tronches
set de table emdé
merci copain!