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vigeland park in oslo

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reading the introduction about our new correspondent in oslo guillaume bonamy, I was just thinking I forgot to show you my sketches of oslo last summer (during my bicycle trip).
I spent 3 days visiting my friend marc thirouin (have a look to his amazing photo).
so here are pages of the visit of the park made by gustav vigeland, the most famous norwegian sculptor. he spent 20 years of his live making this park, with this huge column of bodies made of granite, and hundreds of others pieces. that's a perfect place (in the summer) to have a lunch with some friends, eating a bbq prepared with a special-ready-made-kit of aluminium and alcohol cubes… at night, we meet some other friends to "blå", an old factory of east oslo, listening at the sunday show of the really cool jazz group znort city, big up!

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De nuevo Chapeau¡.
Enhorabuena maestro¡.
Qué grande¡.

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Salve sono Josue’ Marcio de Oliveira
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Your blog is very amazing!!