I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


je dessine même de nuit… motivé!

déjà près de 60 pages en 4 jours…

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Da a dit…

j'avais dit qu'il allait pas falloir trop dormir !!

luci_fragile a dit…

hello mr lapin!
how long since the last time I last visited one of your web pages! shame on me!
do you know why I'm here now? because last night I had a crazy dream in which (among other things...) I visited your blog! this probably means I have an urgent need to go through really good quality drawings. and you undoubtedly rule in good quality drawings! : )
i saw some really cooool pinbuttons in one of your posts... how do I get them? do you have an online shop?

Marie Raffeneau a dit…

Ah ouai la puissance de travail quand même ^^!

lapin a dit…

da: et en effet je ne dors plus ;)

luci_fragile: it's good to read you, I'm glad you come here again.
I'm thinking about a shop online, but especially for you, give me your address, and the one you like, and I'll send it to you!!!

marie: je mets le paquet, mais je vais y arriver, plus que 20 pages…

idees cadeaux a dit…

C'est magnifique, j'aime bien ce que faites, bonen continuation !

luci_fragile a dit…

yay! I'm writing you an email!
thanksss! <3