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sketchcrawl #27

in barcelona.
sketchcrawl #27 in barcelona
we met placa españa, went to the art foundation "la caixa forum", then in front of the "mnac", had a picnic in a park of the montjuic, visited during the rain the "museu d'arqueologia", had a coffee on a terrace, and decide to continue at night for the "nit dels museus" ("cccb", and "museu barbier-muller d'art precolombí…") to finaly had a dinner around 10pm at the pim-pam burger in the born.
a really great day in a very good company!
but I must tell that I spoke a lot more than I sketched ;)

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Lynne the Pencil a dit…

Looks like a great day. You are rather good at this sketching lark!

David Puerta a dit…

Hey Lapin, I'm david, one of the new ones who came that day! I just found your blog and I love it! I hope we meet in another sketchcrawl soon! I wont be able to make it in the next sketchcrawl in july coz I'll be in states and alaska until then! but while I'm there im gonna train a lot for the next time!
Hope you draw a lot this summer and I'll be checking this blog!