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sketching the urban sketchers

the first urban sketching symposium in portland is over, and I'm back to barcelona (with some insomnia, I'm still awake at 4am…). it seems to be already far away, and I look at my sketchbook to remind me the amazing moments we all spent together. only one regret: it was to short.
it was also a great opportunity to meet a lot of urban sketchers, and for many of them, for the first time. but I had the strange feeling that we already known each other, from sharing our sketching for the last year and a half.

gabi, the seattle sketcher and isabel from mauritania just after my arrival in seattle.

gérard who came from liège, belgium.

liz & borromini from australia, at their first week of a very long trip.

tia and her husband albert from singapore.

pete and his "incroyable tenu de crayon"! the most british of the meeting.

simo for her birthday (I want a birthday like this one, full of sketchers from all over the world).

matt on his way back from roma, the hippie sketcher.

kumi from tokyo.

shiho from los angeles.

jason and jesse from brooklyn.

veronica from new york, on her way back from barcelona and paris (and still jet-lagged…).

and isabel again for her last evening in seattle, doing a portrait duel.

sorry laura and kurt, I did not catch you this time, we will have to meet again ;)

a real pleasure to meet all of you,
best wishes, and happy holydays, I'm leaving for bretagne for a couple of weeks.

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joshemari a dit…

Lapin, he disfrutado mucho con cada uno de los dibujantes que tan bien describes y dibujas. Uno a uno los he visitado a todos y son muy buenos. Os felicito a tí y a los demás.

suzanne cabrera a dit…

An amazing representation of the personalities in attendance. I'm so inspired by your boldness in drawing people...I'm hoping some of this leaped over into my sketchbook while at the conference.