I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"this is a woodstock of sketching"

the first international urban sketching symposium in portland (oregon) is over, and I already dream about a next edition…
it was an incredible experience, thanks gabi for leading that group of creasy worldwide sketchers. more than 10 nationalities were represented, and I met for the first time many of the usk correspondents.
many sketches were done, have a look at the symposium blog and the flickr group for more!

the instructors: simo, jason, tia, isabel, matt, veronica, gabi, frank and I.

the closing reception, and exhibition of participants sketchbooks.

isabel's talk about mauritanie

urban line group sketching the water tank.

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clara a dit…

Felicidades a todos por vuestro excelente trabajo. ¡Que envidia dáis!. Espero que en Zaragoza disfrutemos y aprendamos igual (con permiso), o más

Tati a dit…

My comment: I'm SO jealous!


Bill Sharp a dit…

Lapin, I'm sorry I never got to be in one of your sketch groups at the Symposium. (I did get to sketch the back of your head, a couple of times, though.)

I loved seeing your sketchbooks in person and hope to see you in Lisbon next year.