I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


affiche saint-émilion nº3

la troisième de la série.
saint-émilion - poster
format 50x70cm - éditée par "une affaire de familles" - en vente à "l'envers du décor" à saint-émilion.

à suivre, 2 affiches illustrant les vendanges.

7 commentaires:

entintades a dit…

I like very much your work, cool and fresh! Nice to meet you. Très jolie!

dominique eichi a dit…

These are all beautiful. Your view in the distance at the bottom of this one is wonderful. I love those decanters you added with the 2nd one . The 1st one is still my favorite overhaul.
Do you have a list of your tools you use ?
Did you cut and paste the drawing in photoshop to make these.

joshemari a dit…

Fantastique, Lapin!!!

I.S. a dit…

très sympa , bravo !

Anonyme a dit…

la plus réussie pour moi...

lapin a dit…


dominique: I agree, the first one get my preference.
to know about my tools, you could have a look here: http://les-calepins-de-lapin.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-secret-material-gear.html
for these posters, I use photoshop to cut and compose my sketchbook pages, you're right.

charlotte bondue a dit…

Impressionnant, j'adore ! Félicitation !