I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"the barcelona de lapin" NEW BOOK

here it is:
the cover of my last facsimile sketchbook about barcelona, my hometown for the last 5 years!
see you next week for the launching in mitte barcelona.
"the barcelona de lapin"
"Five years ago Lapin moved to the capital city of Catalunya, Barcelona.
It was love at first sight. He loved everything about Barcelona.
He followed every trace of the great artists, Gaudi, Muntaner, Antoni Tapies...
He loved the dusty old parts of it and the new shiny glamorous side. He loved the "cerveza-beer" and he loved the vermout, he loved the Guiris and he loved Castellers and calçots..
He loved the new building of the museu blau and million yeared dinosaurs inside, he loved the darkside of Edifici Colon and the cheer on the Barceloneta beach, he loved the old ones playing parchis and the young rebel voices in Plaza Catalunya, he loved the old hairdresser’s timeworn chair and he loved looking for old account books in Encants as old as that chair, he loved the sound of the rally cars passing by, he loved the graffitis and he loved that old emblem on the Plaça del Rei, he loved the tension in the Barça games and the peaceful empty streets on the Sunday mornings.
He loved walking through the city to rediscover, to draw ;in another word to live it like the way he knows.
Lapin loved Barcelona and that’s why he decided to gather every pieces and memories about it that he marked in his sketchbooks since 5 years.
This sketchbook is about Barcelona and every detail that made Barcelona so special. This is the volume I edition of the Barcelona serie and this project may be possible by giving back all the love that Barcelona had given to us."

100 pages, 210x155mm, impression offset (quadrichromy)
cover: "flexibook" with gold stamping - interior: offset paper 100g, round corners
limited edition 500 copies

3 commentaires:

sam a dit…

Will it be possible to buy these online? Also, will you sign them?
Thank you so much in advance, you are one of the best illustrators out there!

lapin a dit…

hi sam, yes, it will be on my online shop in the next weeks, and of course you can ask for a dedicate copy.

Anonyme a dit…


I really enjoy your sketches on urbansketcker blog. Where, online, can I make a purchase for this book? And, will you sign it, too?

Please let me know. Thank you.