I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!



"cabinet de curiosités"
to all of you who came "reading" my exhibition for the opening, and keep in mind that you have until the 11th of may to pass by mitte barcelona artspace (c, bailen, 86, BCN) and to look at my new published sketchbook of barcelona.
some picts of the launching the other day:
pictures of the launching
©simo/tom, the colleagues from quality st.
some more picts in the next days.

8 commentaires:

Filipe LF a dit…

Parabéns Lapin!
Muito bonita a exposição!

Nikira a dit…

Wonderful, one day, please, bring it to NY, I want to see it in person. :-)


Qué lástima estar lejos! Qué bonito!

josu maroto a dit…

impresionante lapin, un abrazo y espero vernos pronto, en la rioja

Anaïs a dit…

Bravo Lapin, ça a l'air magnifique !

stephanie a dit…

aurais adoré être là, l'accrochage est super top !

lapin a dit…

filipe: obrigado!

nikira: I wish I could bring it to NY, I will pass by this summer…

inma: gracias! sagar y miguel te contaran luego me imagino.

josu: en logroño nos vemos por supuesto!

anaïs: merci. ça m'a rappelé la grande époque des "expo Pa-rty"!

stéphanie: et pourtant, rien a envié à tes installations ;)

zigzag a dit…