I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


book launch: "lapin à istanbul"

the 7th of june at night will be the launching of my new book "lapin à istanbul" at the milk gallery in istanbul.
I hope to see you there!

book launch: "lapin à istanbul"
"On May 2011 an artist friend, Javier de Blas invited Lapin to Istanbul. Lapin accepted the invitation immediately with the excitement of the idea of saving in his sketchbook, a city that expands in two continents. He was aware of that it was impossible to fit a 3000 aged Istanbul in 6 days but he made a route for himself everyday. He walked Istanbul for hours. The city has accepted him in every step and become his Istanbul in every drawing line. He spent hours in the Hagia Sophia, walked from Galata to Eyüb, from Dolmabahce Palace to Taksim, he drank turkish coffee in Pierre Loti and listened to his fortune through the coffee cup, he had lunch in Helvetia, became friends with Yusuf, he listened to some jazz in Beyoglu, got used to the taxi driver’s maneuvers , smoked “elmalı nargile”, took a “vapur” from Eminönü and sat outside, he got his pomegranate juice from Ömer and joined the crowd towards the antique stores in Çukurcuma. Lapin brought to book his sketchbook "Lapin à Istanbul" not to ever forget his Istanbul and always be able to return to that 6 days."

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clara a dit…

¡Otra joya!. Gracias por llevarnos nuévamente de viaje ...en azul y dorado.
Lapin, te reservo varias localizaciones en ZGZ que parecen tener el cartel de: "esperando a Lapin".

lapin a dit…

gracias a ti clara!
y no sabes la gana que tengo de repetir por la cuarta vez "de vuelta con el cuaderno" y volver a ver los amigos de siempre… y descubrir el libro!

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck lapin, my fav artist and fav city in one book. I guess i really have to buy your book this time..)

isaac duenyas a dit…

Lapin, ya sabes que para este libro necesitaré una una dedicatoria muy especial... Felicidades!

lapin a dit…

hailey: thanks! I will sell it on my online store once back from istanbul!

isaac: merci, je te mets de côté un exemplaire, et on se croise courant juin ;)