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3rd international urban sketching symposium

I learned yesterday that I am the recipient of the 2012 symposium correspondent scolarship.
3rd international urban sketching symposium in santo domingo
I’m already dancing “Merengue” celebrating this chance to be the “symposium correspondent”!
I’m so honoured to be the eyes of the urban sketchers readers, telling them through my sketches all what will happen during this 3 intense days. I will do my best to make them feel being part of the adventure, reporting workshops, conferences and reactions from the instructors and participants, and of course about the beauty of Santo Domingo. See you in a month from now!

4 commentaires:

AnA a dit…

Enhorabuena...te lo mereces....un lujo de corresponsal es lo que van a ttener.....además nos lo vas a contar de maravilla..! Muxus

lapin a dit…

gracias AnA, pero con tantas expectativa, espero que estare a la altura!

Pedro a dit…

Glad you've be cosen. I won't be there, so I can´t wait to see your sketches.

josu maroto a dit…

felicidades lapin
tendremos una buena crónica de lo que allí pase de tu mano!!!