I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


new website!

It is always so hard to update your website. You never have time or the work grows bigger and bigger that you can not even know where to start. But finally I did! And I’m so excited and relieved!
So here is now my new, fresh, simple, easy to navigate website online!
You may check my upcoming events,new exhibitions,new books and my sketches! Have a look!

tell me what you think about it!

3 commentaires:

josé maría a dit…

Un aperitivo sencillo y fácil de manejar.

sole a dit…


It's quite nice, I love the subtle double vertical lines in blue and red one in background - like the accounting books! Very appropriate.

Did you build it yourself or had someone do it for you?

Love the fact that it's so easy to navigate, without extra flashy-flashy stuff :-)

Well done!

lapin a dit…

gracias josé!

sole: thanks.
some friends did it for me, with this "easy to navigate" aim ;)