I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


a spaceship for real!

space shuttle discovery space shuttle discovery
I sketch my first spaceship, it's like a child dream, yeah!
and discovery is not just a spaceship, it's the space shuttle that made the most earth-orbital missions, and spent a total of 365 days in space.
it's big, its skin is a mess of small pieces full of numbers, geometrical signs, textures… it looks like a handmade over scale model.
and how the hell could it fly back to earth, it's as aerodynamic as an iron.
anyway, I could have spent days and days sketching it, but the smithsonian air and space museum of washington dc was full of many other cool or legendary stuff - soon some more! discovery-skin

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mister mourao a dit…

Fantastico! Una nave espacial en sério!! Me tienes que enseñar más fotos!!!