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"peugeot ville"

the real reason why I went to morocco is that I was invited to sketch some old cars in sidi al mokhtar, a small town between marrakech and essaouira, also called "peugeot ville".
essaouira > sidi al mokhtar
on wednesday, for the souk, all the peugeot 404 of the area met on the main street to buy butane (they run with gaz in spite of gasoline), food and goats (carried alive on the roof of the cars). I spent the all day sketching this antiquities that must have droved more than a million km each.
first stop in "peugeot ville"
peugeot 404 "peugeot ville" "peugeot ville" "peugeot ville"

2 commentaires:

Nathalie L a dit…

Magnifiques ! Je pars au Maroc demain, je crois bien que je vais accocier ces dessins aux anciennes voitures que je vais certainement y rencontrer !!!

georges febvre a dit…

extra ce concentré de 404 ! une valeur sûre !