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bcn2013usk - day 2

the 2nd day of the symposium start far to early to me, but anyway, suhita and I were already corresponding at 9:00am at the cccb.
at 10:00, I join the workshop "I" actors and stage by luis ruiz, that explain us how to compose a sketch mixing architecture and people:
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
than I run again to the exhibition "sketching barcelona" for an interview for the local newspaper "el punt avui":
bcn2013usk to finish the morning at the workshop "G" sketching urban place, people, space and streets by richard alomar in plaça reial: bcn2013usk
at 2:00pm starts the demo of kiah kiean, sketching with dry twig and chinese ink. suhita went already there yesterday, but listening to the people who attend to it the day before, I really wanted to see him in action. after a short time, not only the urban sketchers where surrounding him, but also tourists and curious in front of the cathedral. it's just magic what this man could do with a piece of wood and some cheap ink.
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
meanwhile, since 10:00am, the 3rd day of sketchcrawl was going on in the born ditrict and the barceloneta. I decided to join at the 4:00pm meeting under the "peix" of the olimpic port, to have a look at how the public events were running out.
around 40 sketchers, half of them french, were chatting and sharing their sketchbooks. but after an hour, 2 sheriffs told us that it was forbiden to sit and stay there being a private area… nevermind, I lead the sketchers to the nearby olimpic village, and we stopped on "avinguda d'icària", under the strange sculpture of miralles there: some kind of iron dinosaurs.
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
we well deserved a fresh beer, and to meet everybody at the drink and draw party at the cccb, before having a diner at a vegan restaurant following jason's recommendation. I guess that after 2 evenings eating burgers, I could eat something healthy for once…
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
see you in a few hours for the last day of the symposium, and for the 40th worldwide sketchcrawl!

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