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bcn2013usk in the media

the symposium is over and barcelona is back to normality, no more hundreds of sketchers as last saturday for the final sketchcrawl in front of the triumph arc (photo: alvaro carnicero). bcn2013usk

the medias made some great reports about the symposium, the sketchcrawl and the exhibition "sketching barcelona", as this double page in "el periodico" of last sunday:
bcn2013usk elperiodico

if you want to watch or read about it, please visit the following links:
- btv 'connexió barcelona' (10/07/2013)
- btv 'notícies' (10/07/2013)
- el periódico (11/07/2013)
- tve 'informatiu 2' (11/07/2013) after 8min 50s
- video barcelona.cat (12/07/2013)
- btv 'notícies' (13/07/2013)
- el Punt Avui (13/07/2013)
- el periodico (14/07/2013)
- tv3 tn vespre (14/07/2013)
- la vanguardia digital (16/07/2013)

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jen a dit…

Gracias por los links!

nelson paciencia a dit…

That´s it!
Thanks Lapin.

Unknown a dit…

Muchas gracias, Mr.

suzi poland a dit…

Would love to have been there, so these are great links to see what it was like. Thanks. Muchas gracias, Gracias por los links!

Cris Silva a dit…

Your work is beautiful. I loved to be in Barcelona at least for the last day of this wonderful meeting.

Unknown a dit…

wowwwww! awesome!!