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workshop in sansepolcro, toscana

I'm back from toscana, where gérard michel and I taught an urban sketching workshop "sketching in the footsteps of piero della francesca" about curvilinear perspective.
it takes place in sansepolcro, the hometown of piero della francesca, where he defined the first rules of modern perspective, using one vanishing point, in the XVth century.
gérard told us about opening our point of view, while sketching some cylindrical and spherical perspective, using 4 to 6 vanishing points (in an orthogonal space), in order to represent the all space around us.
but the main point of our class was to enjoy sketching perspective, and it seems that our small group of 14 sketchers did enjoy a lot the 3 days…
workshop in sansepolcro
sorry marcello, francesco and maurizio, you were not back from lunch when we did this picture… and thanks to all of you who shared this unforgettable week end.

sansepolcro sansepolcro is a very inspiring place, in the east of toscana (with incredible food).
we enjoy the great architecture there and in anghiari to apply both cylindrical and spherical perspective:
sansepolcro anghiari anghiari sansepolcro
on sunday, we spent the morning in the main place "piazza torre di berta", and I plan to give back to the city the missing tower "berta" that was destroyed during the 2nd world war (do not miss the testimony "l'ultima ombra" about it), and the top of the other towers of the medieval centre, that were cut centuries ago…20131006-01-600px
workshop in sansepolcro
and we had lot's of fun while sketching each other at night, on the tablecloth!! gérard michel & lapin en toscane
thanks fabio for organising it, and see you soon buddies!

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