I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


back from the travelbook fair in clermont-ferrand

"oldies but goldies"
one week ago, I was at the travelbook fair "le rendez-vous du carnet de voyage" of clermont-ferrand, and as last year, I spent a huge but exhausting week end, presenting my last sketchbooks and editions, including my past book "barcelona m'inspira" and the upcoming book "oldies but goldies"!
back from clermont-ferrand
I did the ride from barcelona with my spanish buddies miguel herranz, swasky, santi and luis ruiz, and as last year, it was a pleasure to meet again some old friends, as damien roudeau, david lopez, guillaume reynard, bastien dubois, elsie or véronique groseil (…)
back from clermont-ferrand
on friday, the "school day", no way to escape to portraits kids and teenagers (david describe it so well here), this is one of the few I manage to sketch on my sketchbook… I was also teaching a workshop titled "de la tête aux pieds" about portrait, and had a talk in front of 5 classes about the value of sketching everyday life in spite of exotic places.
back from clermont-ferrand
and we were working until very late, here in a bar next to sebastian loerscher, who amaized me with his illustrations of haïti, or there sketching with inkpen and wine on the table cloth:
back from clermont-ferrand back from clermont-ferrand
or here with aleksi cavaillez.
back from clermont-ferrand
and I couldn't left the fair without sketching évariste, one of the figure of the festival.
we continue the party with the urban sketchers france, thanks to tazab, who invite us to a "mique-party" (a traditional dish from corrèze, that was nearly as good as the one of my grandma, merci jean-pierre) and finished the day sketching a renault dauphine at 2am with emily, cat, fabien, luis, santi, swasky, gérard michel and tazab:
back from clermont-ferrand
and if I did not tell you all these before, it's that I get lost in the many books I bring back from there!!

thanks to the association ifav for the organisation of the festival, and to all the sketchers and visitors, and I hope to meet you again next year!!

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