I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


make the book "oldies but goldies" real!

everybody knows my passion about old, vintage cars.
I can't pass by an old car without drawing it. I love imagining about their owners, highways they have crossed,memories they have witnessed and the stories behind their dust, scratches and broken parts.

 through my drawings I like to share their glamourous stories to remind their golden times. therefore I gathered all my car drawings and created a beautiful compilation called "oldies but goldies".
but this new sketchbook needs your support to be published !
so here is the video of my project and the "verkami: crowdfunding" link!

if you feel the same way about those old, vintage cars, help me and be part of this project, sharing it, and making it real!
"oldies but goldies" is a great way not to let those legendary cars be forgotten on a narrow street and let them become immortal on pages.

9 commentaires:

nelson paciencia a dit…

Great book!
How to make a reservation for a copy?

Goldie a dit…

Héhé, tout le monde se lance dans le crowdfunding !
Bonne chance pour les oldies but goldies :)

jen a dit…


kane a dit…

Beautiful video.

Helen Ström a dit…

Wish you luck, but also to myself!
Beautiful project!

lapin a dit…

nelson: obrigado!
here you get the link to order and support it: http://vkm.is/oldiesgoldies

anaïs: merci miss, je souhaite que mes oldies remportent le même succès que tes sorcières!!

jenny: danke!

tommy: your video was an inspiration to do that one!

helen: thanks for your contribution!

Urban Sketchers Portugal a dit…

Your books are always amazing!
I just contribute for this one!


RobCarey a dit…

oh- the apartment, so wish I could return to the city. All the best from california- rob

Joerg a dit…

I have my fingers crossed that it becomes real! My little contribution has pushed it over the "2000" - wohoo :-) A gorgious book it will be. Daumen drücken!