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urban sketchers in liège

last week, gérard michel invited 12 sketchers in liège, belgium, to sketch the city during 4 intense days.
florian afflerbach, simonetta capecchi, fabien denoël, emdé, rené fijten, miguel herranz, antoine michel, gérard michel, corinne raes, luis ruiz, rolf schroeter, inma serrano and I sketched like crazy, to finally exposed around 70 meters of drawings in the "théâtre de liège".
the opening of the exhibition was the last stop of the sketchcrawl organized that day.
the exhibition is running until the 27 of september. if you pass by, don't miss gérard michel's exhibition next door: "liège, jouets de perspectives". urban sketchers in liège
(photo by corinne raes)
a picture of the opening: urban sketchers in liège
and some of my drawings: urban sketchers in liège urban sketchers in liège urban sketchers in liège
the local media covered the event, here in the newspaper "le soir" of the 16th of september: urban sketchers in liège
and on the channel "rtc":
merci gérard et l'émulation pour cette formidable semaine!

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ClaireB a dit…

Haaa... Liège, une ambiance particulière et ... et son carré ! ;-)