I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


back from the travelbook fair of clermont-ferrand

I spend a great time for this 15th edition of the "rendez-vous du carnet de voyage" in clermont-ferrand last week end, presenting my 2 new published books in france: "cuba, an 56 de la révolution" by la boîte à bulles and "lapin au japon" by elytis.
the fair was a success, with around 20.000 visitors this year, a blast!!
unfortunately, my book of cuba was not awarded for the "grand prix", but the winners (benjamin flao, troubs and cabu) are such good that I can't complain.
here are a few snapshot of my stand set up at the fair: rendez-vous du carnet de voyage 2014
photo ©emdé rendez-vous du carnet de voyage 2014
photo ©philippe dreillard
and of course, we met until late with the urban sketchers at the end of the day: 15 13
photo ©philippe dreillard
it was the occasion to meet up with some old friends, to meet some new one, and to eat huge "fromage" and "truffade".
thanks to all the visitors and friends that say hi! at my stand, and the one who came for a dedication, and to the association ifav for the great organisation.
I can't leave the fair without books, I will be busy reading this in the coming weeks: my book selection

3 commentaires:

helenlp a dit…

I've read Koose Koene and Jean-Christophe Defline's accounts of their meeting with you and seen their photos - sounds like you all had a wonderful time! And your glasses for drawing in the dark are now very famous. Sorry you didn't win - but what great company.

Christine DESCHAMPS a dit…

Waaaa, la pile de livres démentielle ! Trop cool !

Capucine_o a dit…

Après avoir déjà vu tes dessins chez les urban sketchers, j'ai eu le plaisir de feuilleter tes carnets japonais & cubains ce midi... Très sympas... voire très tentants pour mettre sur ma liste de noWel !!!