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urban sketching symposium in manchester

the symposium in manchester last week was a blast!
the city is a contrast of art nouveau, industrial and modern building that is a festival for sketchers.
we had a great time in spite of the british weather, and I can't thanks enough the organizers: simone, orling, fernanda, elizabeth, mario… for the great work!
here are the drawings I manage to do during the week, between the workshops, the démo and lectures, visiting the manchester museum, the museum of science and industry and having beers with the buddies…
I will come back to manchester, it is a promise!
"peveril of the peak" pub
manchester school of art
minshull's house
bristol 192 belvedere

"dragon rapide"
mr thomas's chop house
mr thomas's chop house
manchester school of art
all saints park
opening of the symposium
"paris, je t'aime" signature
albert square
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
paul heaston
oxford street
paul heaston's workshop
paul heaston's workshop
paul heaston's workshop
waterloo place
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
pou du ciel
the pub zoo
bristol 192 belvedere
rochdale canal

7 commentaires:

nelson paciencia a dit…

You are not a sketcher, you are an allien...
I was wondering, with dozens of drawings, you spent for sure at least 2 weeks in Manchester... you must confess.
I just love Javier de Blas dialogue...

Darlene K Campbell a dit…

My goodness you got a ton of work done. Wow...once again brilliant work. I love #61 where you sketched the artist's head moving up and down. Also enjoyed the dialogue bubbles and of course your character sketches great! Cheers-

Unknown a dit…

These are beautiful Lapin. I love how you drew in the broken table at the reception!
Would love to do a workshop with you someday!

Isabel a dit…

your drawings are just getting better and better and I cannot stop looking at each one and reading all the details. Your backgrounds, the color wow and the moving head a great plus, BRAVO.

lapin a dit…

nelson: I thake it easy this week, you will see when I'll take it in serious ;)

darlene: I like this kind of movement sketches, I still have to practice on that…

sue: hopefully, you can apply to a workshop in chicago next year!?

isabel: de ta part, ça me touche, obrigado isabel!

miked a dit…

Every time I saw you, you were so relaxed in Manchester - and yet you cranked out this many nice looking sketches. I always thought you were a sketching machine but I like Nelson's "alien" description better :)

Love to sketch with you in Chicago!

lapin a dit…

miked: hi from outer space ;) see you in chicago!