I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"pollop pollop" à ouessant

I spent already 12 days in ouessant island, the western island of brittany.
I'm invited by the association enki for a one month artist residence in the semaphore next to the créac'h legendary light house. so far, it's already an incredible experience, meeting the locals and pirates, feeling the extreme conditions while the "zeus" storm hit the island with its 200km/h winds last monday…
here is a sneak peak of this first days:tempête zeus
tempête zeus, le créac'h
renault super 5
fanch le pirate
finis terrae
fanfan le gardien de phare
le créac'h après la tempête

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eiriarte a dit…

muy buenos

Unknown a dit…

Hello Lapin,
Excellent !

j'ai bien ri avec le Christ sur la croix !