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"space oddities" workshop in poblenou, barcelona

"space oddities" workshop in barcelona

how can I describe this past 5 days with such a great group of sketchers from all around europe?
family picture during the "space oddities" workshop in barcelona
first of all, thank you very much to isabel and swasky who invited me to teach with them in my neighborhood, poblenou. we definitely pushed our sketching boundaries curving the space to fit 180º to 360º scenes in our sketchbooks. we also invited the participant to focus on some quotidian subjects in spite of the many monuments of barcelona, showing the transition that is happening here, also called gentrification.
I especially appreciate to get time to speak with every participant, and to get 2 workshop cessions with each in small groups of 8 to 10 sketchers, that allow me to go further in the explanation of some complicated representation as cylindrical and spherical perspective.
curvilinear perspective
following are some of this special moments we shared together:
"space oddities" workshop in barcelona
"space oddities" workshop in barcelona
"space oddities" workshop in barcelona

ida goldfish
adam & martin congratulation to each of you, you made a terrific job.
see you soon again, and until than keep sketching!!

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Unknown a dit…

I love this idea of panoramic perspective.. also documentin the gentrification with art.. the same thing is happening in my neighborhood and so far I've just been photographin it but maybe I'll get out thereally and draw it.