I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"españa esta de moda"

"españa esta de moda"
I'm witnessing the major crisis of the politic confrontation between catalunya and the spanish government for the last ten years, since I'm living in barcelona. on sunday is organized the unilateral referendum by the catalan government to vote the independence of catalunya. the referendum is prohibited by the central government, and the tensions are at their maximum after the arrestation of a dozen of catalan politiciens and the massive arrival of policemen in catalunya to prevent the election. catalans citizens are still planing to vote and nobody knows what will happen in the following days…

so, who is the genius that decided that it was the good timing to buy some advertising spaces for this clothes brand? is that on purpose as the policeman I sketched in front of it on the rambla told me?
while sketching it on the plaça catalunya, the people looked at the poster as if it was a bad joke or a provocation.

if "spain is fashionable" somewhere, it's definitly not in plaça catalunya this days.
"españa esta de moda"

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