I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!



in lisboa, sketching for the contest "desenha-me um quiosque", I met richard câmara, and while sketching he told me a very special place to eat some snails… the same day, I went and order the dishes: "caracois" and "caracoleta". after I ate hundreds of it, I still wonder if I liked it ;)

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thalyscope #29

thalys magazine
the "thalyscope", magazine of the european train which link paris to bruxelles, amsterdam, köln… is doing a special issue about gastronomy, and I illustrate it ;)
thalyscope #29, may/june 2010

the full magazine is available online here.

back from lisboa

elevador de santa justa

il reste une bonne semaine de japon à découvrir… ça vient.


japan: day 14 & 15

japan: day 14 & 15
(I did not sketch on day 13… strange!)


japan: day 12

osaka > tokyo by shinkansen.
japon: day 12


japan: day 9 to 11

une preuve supplémentaire de l'odieuse hostilité du japon…

in wakayama and osaka.
japan: day 9 to 11

japan: day 9

in nara.
japan: day 9
l'insécurité est telle au japon, qu'il n'est pas rare de se faire attaquer par quelques bêtes sauvages et monstrueuses juste au coin de la rue. beware!



sketchcrawl #27

in barcelona.
sketchcrawl #27 in barcelona
we met placa españa, went to the art foundation "la caixa forum", then in front of the "mnac", had a picnic in a park of the montjuic, visited during the rain the "museu d'arqueologia", had a coffee on a terrace, and decide to continue at night for the "nit dels museus" ("cccb", and "museu barbier-muller d'art precolombí…") to finaly had a dinner around 10pm at the pim-pam burger in the born.
a really great day in a very good company!
but I must tell that I spoke a lot more than I sketched ;)


tokyo tower

tokyo tower
une imitation d'une autre tour… on s'y croirait.


japan: day 1 & 2

first day in tokyo
first days in shinjuku (tokyo west) during the cherry blossom season.
I met there the dutch illustrator and friend lok, and his wife naoko and had some very cool sketches cession together.

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melting pot #13

melting pot #13
monthly update on my website: les illustrations de lapin

un avant goût coloré de mon calepin japonais!

barcelona - paris - tokyo

my way to japan
reprenons ce calepin dans le bon sens


lapin suzuki

lapin suzuki
me voilà de retour, encore la tête embrumée par la vie tokyoïte, et avec près de 200 pages à scanner… pour vous faire patienter, le dernier modèle suzuki qui m'a bien amusé.

I'm back, but still thinking at the tokyo lifestyle, and with nearly 200 pages to scan… let's start with this so cool "rabbit car".