I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!



sant lluc
yesterday, at "el circulo artistico de sant lluc" was an experimentation of sketching the movement.
2 contemporary dancers did a show of an hour while we were sketching them. I loved it!
I fill 60 pages of it… and I will look for the next cession.


avis aux bretons

interview in french newspaper "le telegramme"
une interview en français dans le texte dans les pages du télégramme d'aujourd'hui, à moi la gloire!
alors vous, bretons en terre bretonne, foncez chez votre buraliste préféré.
la version "lisible" .



park güell

pic vert & opuntia
park guëll

drôle d'oiseau

l'ami pic vert a migré à barcelona pour le week end (et en bonne compagnie), et c'est tant mieux.
à la revoyure!



de retour de saint-émilion, avec quelques bonnes bouteilles, et environs 90 pages de calepin. ça promet une nouvelle édition… à suivre.



melting pot #14

melting pot #14
monthly update on my website: les illustrations de lapin

look at the new gallery: "friends portraits", "thalys", and "japan"!



un peu plus de ma virée de la semaine dernière.

monica cid

monica cid
last week in lisboa, I met monica cid, a gifted illustrator - have a look at her blog!


my secret sketching gear

update: check out this new interview on the tools artists use on october 2012!

In this post, I tell you all the secrets of my favourite material I carry all the time in my pocket.
First of all, my pencils, brushes and watercolour are all together in a vintage “Texas Instrument” case, and I will not exchange it for any other one. It’s the perfect size, and with a snap hook, I put it on my coat, or at my belt. So I have all my stuff ready to use and easy to access to.
The 2 hair clips (that I stole from Lapinette) are very useful to maintain the notebook open when it’s windy.

The inkpen is my principal tool. I start all the time my sketches with the lines, and the “Uni Pin fine line 0,1mm” fits my taste. It’s waterproof and the black ink is very dark, I love it.
I also carry 2 colours inkpen “Edding 1800 0,1mm” to copy logotypes or typography.

My watercolour box is a very compact one. It’s a special travel box, made by “Daler-Rowney, England” with 18 fine arts quarter pans. I fill the brush space with some additive colours, as some transparent red, a very cool green, and gold watercolour.
If I had to choose 3 colours, my favourite are the yellow ocre, the alizarin crimson and the russian blue. I sketch figures only with those 3.
I've only used a “Pentel” water brush for a short time, but I’m already addicted to it. I always carry 2 of them full of water, to get enough autonomy for the day, and a third one fill of yellow ochre liquid watercolour to have a bright and luminous yellow (most of the watercolour yellow pans are opaque).

Now it’s time to reveal that I also use a few secret weapons, as this 2 multicolour pens. The big one is a child gadget to raise my watercolour sometimes. The second is more “serious”, it comes from “Muji” in Tokyo, and it’s precise enough to sketch directly with it.
And while I can’t sketch with my usual technique (by night, or when the model has too much contrast), I paint with this black brush (also from Muji).
I must confess that I have brought back a full bag of pens and art supplies from Japan, and that my favourite material may change in the next months… I already adopted a family of “lapin’s stamps”!

Related to my sketchbooks, I have all the time in the pocket a small Moleskine (9x14cm, 192 pages) to sketch in the subway, at a terrace, anywhere… and for some more elaborates sketches, I use some old notebooks I find at a flea market. I especially like the lined paper and the amazing quality of it. I start yesterday my sketcbook number 119… my library is full of them ;)

What sketching tools do you carry?

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urban sketchers in barcelona

freekhand - lapin - zaza
on saturday, I met freekhand and zaza (the urban sketchers from bologna and istanbul) to sketch together.
freekhand is an old friend now, and I could tell we will meet more and more in the future ;), but I met zaza for the first time last week, when she decided to visit barcelona.
we went to passeig de gracia, and sketched this modernist house of the "manzana de oro", and strolling in the city.
manzana de oro
it was a very charming day that we ended dining at home.
zaza spent 6 days in town, and we get time to sketch together in the metro, at the miro museum, in a park…
sketchbook #119
…and this last sketch of the "rambla de poblenou".
rambla de poblenou
see you soon, miguel and zaza!

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we had the visit of samantha zaza this last days in barcelona, and had some sketchy moments together, it was great.
à bientôt zaza.