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live from santo domingo - D-day

today is the D-day, in less than 2 hours will start the 3rd urban sketching symposium! I already have my “press card” as the symposium correspondent ;) my "press card"
yesterday was a long day, meeting even more usk instructors: thomas thorspecken, mélanie reim, nathalie ramirez, marc taro holmes, lynne chapman, jason das and frank ching; but also many of the participants, and volunteers. I mind that I did not sketch that much of the city. today I will have to for you to have an idea of the beauty of the colonial district, but surrounded by such a great group of people, I had to sketch them. after the registration of the participants at the “centro cultural de españa”, we met at “quintana bar” for a “drink & draw” to portrait each other, as an ice breaker. tomorrow I will publish the first day of santo domingo, world capital of urban sketching for the week!!
 santo domingo - D-day

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