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live from santo domingo - exploration

first day in the city exploring the colonial district, and so much to sketch that I even don’t know where to start by. first of all, it seems that urban sketchers are multiplying every hours: you can’t walk in the area without meeting people sketching under a tree, in the cathedral, at a terrace…
I just needed half an hour to understand that sketching under the sun would be not prudent at all. sketching this first building in the morning was quite painful, forget about the best point of view, just look for shadow and then hunt for the subject.
a good thing about santo domingo is that people get curious about sketchers sitting in the street, and you’re quickly surrounded by a dozen of dominicans, and once finishing to sketch this “voladoras” buses, all of them want to be portrayed. it will be easy to sketch some dudes.
finally for diner, I met new instructors: eduardo bajzek (that I met for the first time), and veronica lawlor. we spoke and looked at each others sketchbooks until late in the evening, until gabi campanario finally joined us.
tomorrow are arriving the last guests, can’t wait the registration in the afternoon to meet all the team! santo domingo - exploration blogged by symposium correspondent lapin

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