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live from santo domingo - usk symposium day 2

9:00 am, we met at the “centro cultural de españa” to discuss about the past workshops.
at 10:00, I went to nina johansson’s workshop “challenge through limitation” where she invited us to try any kind of “strange” tools, brushes and pens to forget about the “too much respect of the white paper”. funny to look at the sketcher painting their shoes to than walk on their sketchbooks… so I tried it to.
than I joined for a short time frank ching and liz steel at the cathedral, it gets something to do with architecture from what I understood.
after a lunch at the general quarter “el conde”, we met again at the CCE for a talk about the regional usk groups and how to organise some sketching meeting in our own city.
in the afternoon, it was time for new workshops, and I first attend to eduardo bajzek’s “straight to colors”, or how to sketch directly with marker, from the clearer tone to the darker one, layer after layer – which sounds impossible when we compare our try to eduardo’s pieces of art.
I run to thor’s workshop on “calle el condal”, and focus on the people there. they love to be sketch, and I love to sketch them.
in the evening, the all instructors and usk correspondents had a diner on a chirringuito on the coast. a huge table of legends of urban sketching from all over the world – it’s crazy to be all there together.
the second day is over, and I get prepared for the 3rd and last day of the symposium, and 36th worldwide sketchrawl at 4:00 pm at the cathedral place. sd06

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