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live from santo domingo - usk symposium day 3

santodomingo-flag600 yesterday was the 3rd and last day of the usk symposium, and at 9:00 am the instructors marc taro holmes, lynne chapman and liz steel talk about their experience of the last days during their workshop.
than I went first to jason das “color games” workshop, an invitation to play with the perception, like painting with the wrong colours (which is not easy at all actually). I run to “panoramas in 4 steps” lead by simonetta capecchi and claudio patané, and had a master class of watercolour and line.
at 2:30 pm was gabi campanario’s lecture about the community of urban sketchers, how it starts, how it grows, and that “anytime you are drawing something there is a story behind”…
at 4:00pm start the 36th sketchcrawl in the place of the cathedral, many sketchers joined us, and everywhere we were looking at, people sketching and sketching, just magic.
the symposium closed with an exhibition of all the sketchbooks at the “museo de las casas reales” with a drink and lots of happiness.
I have a strange feeling this morning, the last 3 days were such intense that it could have been a week that we all spent together, and now, we all have to go back home, in spain, italy, portugal, us, brazil, australia… until next year. I feel lucky that I take part of it and I’m already nostalgic.
keep sketching everybody!! live from santo domingo - usk symposium day 3

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