I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


urban sketchers symposium in porto

at least, my sketches from the past urban sketchers symposium in porto last july.
I have no words to describe such a party with 800 hundreds sketchers and friends invading the city for a week. wow!
see you all nex year in amsterdam!!!
rua nova da alfandega
drink and draw
poças, wine degustation
richard briggs
livraria lello
big head portrait demo
porto wip
citroën 3CV
safari typo
workshop urban archaeology

2 commentaires:

Agnès Bolley-Vittot a dit…

Superbe comme toujours Lapin! mais on reste sur sa faim.... je suis sure qu'il va y en avoir d'autres , non?

Unknown a dit…

Useful article, thank you for sharing the article!!!

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